Buy 100 Dollar Laptop

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As network and laptop technicians we have had the opportunity to buy 100 dollar laptop computers countless times over the years. We have bought quite a few computer systems from people who knew they were worth more but did not want to go through the whole process of trying to get top dollar for the used laptop and all of the time consuming hassles that can go along with doing so.

Buy 100 Dollar Laptop

Over the years we have had numerous contracts where we would go to business client sites and install new computer systems for the manufacturer. This was part of the service. It was something that the client paid for but none the less it meant that they would have their new system or systems professionally setup, configured and ready to go. I think we would all agree that this can be a very time consuming process and that it is well worth having the installation service.

It could be quite a frequent occurrence that we would be onsite setting up new wireless networks or small business domains which all consisted of bright and shiny new systems produced by the manufacturer we were representing. Anyway it put us in a position where clients would frequently have laptops and desktops as well as other equipment which they were interested in selling because they basically no longer needed them at this point. The opportunity to buy 100 dollar laptops is something to this day that is very hard to resist.

If the laptop happens to be faulty then at this price it is often able to repaired and then resold for a nice profit after parts and time. This can be exciting especially when you already have clientele looking for cheap used laptops under a given dollar amount. This is a great way to make people happy because everyone loves to get good deals on whatever product or service they are buying.