Dell D610 Operating Specs

One of the highly regarded laptops which have been around for a while now is the Dell D610 model. This is a good choice for providing reliable computing while on the go. Typically this model will have been a used in business settings where the laptops are an integral part of the organizations functionality.

The Dell D610 operating specs include:

  • 1GB DDR2 Memory
  • 14 inch XGA LCD
  • 2.13GHz Intel Centrino M processor
  • 5400rpm 40GB hard drive
  • High speed Wireless Internet access or through Ethernet Cable. Built in Mini PCI Wireless Card
  • DVD ROM Drive for watching movies
  • Frequently the Windows XP Professional will be installed

This model is well known for its ease of use and remains as a quite popular laptop computer today. Not all used Dell laptops under $100 are going to be this particular model yet the variety should fall within most budgets.

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