How to Clean a Laptop

It is important to know how to clean a laptop whether it is a used laptop under $100 or a brand new one. There are more reasons than just keeping it looking good though. Ultimately you will wind up maximizing the lifespan of your laptop computer when you keep it clean.

How to Clean a Laptop

Many people will use water to clean their laptop but this is definitely not such a good idea because you will run the risk of the water getting into some of the electronics inside of the laptop and this can cause a great deal of expensive damage.

I have seen many laptops become completely nonfunctional after a liquid spill. Of course the damaged laptop can certainly be repaired in most cases but the repair bills for a laptop which has suffered from a liquid spill issue nearly always will require a replacement motherboard and this will be quite expensive for both parts and labor.

So you should not use water to clean your laptop and it is a good idea to use several simple approaches to keeping it clean. The main component for keeping your laptop clean is a can of compressed air. This will basically blow out a good portion of any dust and debris which may have built up over time.

When these begin to build up around the air vents of your laptop then they will eventually begin to hinder the natural air flow. The laptop is designed to let the hot air be blown out by the fan inside of the laptop and if the air vent becomes blocked then obviously the hot air will have no way to escape from inside of the case. This situation will eventually cause components inside of the laptop to overheat and fail to function.

So how to clean a laptop may also include various special electronics cleaning products which are available for actual cleaning and these can be a very good way to go. Ultimately technicians tend to use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth as well as q-tips. This tends to be the most common approach to keeping a laptop computer clean whether it is one of the used Dell cheap laptops under 100 or any other brand.

So basically you should use the compressed air to blow out any dust and debris around the air vents as well as carefully around the keyboard and essentially all around the case as well. After this you can use a q-tip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol on it to get in the nooks and crannies as well as around the keys on the keyboard.

You can then use a soft cloth with a little rubbing alcohol on the cloth to gently wipe down your laptop. Finally you should very gently wipe down the display screen with the soft cloth. We typically see the results of well taken care of computers through bring good prices so if you have taken care of your laptop you may find that you can get a better price for it if you ever had a need to resell it.