Laptops and Component Similarities

Among the many similarities which exist in the lower priced used laptops are going to be standard specifications which will be representative of the maker and the specific line. For example some of the older used Dell Latitude laptops for in the $100 dollar price range may have variations of the Intel Pentium M processors where the speeds reflect each slight increase in the original price ranges. The Pentium M Sonoma running at 2.0 GHz is an example of where the laptop even in used condition will typically bring more than only 100 dollars but the variations below this particular clock speed may still sell for under this price.

The same concept will be present with respects to the video cards, hard drive sizes, total screen size and other common specifications. In many instances the older the laptop is then the cheaper it will ultimately be valued as far as resale goes. Even with the laptops under 100 dollars there are going to be some excellent representations of formerly top of the line examples of the technology at hand at the time they were originally manufactured. With the ever present intuitive layout of all laptop computers the fact that the internal components vary from one to the other is only relative to their usefulness in their intended applications. Most people prefer to use a laptop mainly to take advantage of the complete portability which they offer.

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