Mini Laptops Under 100 Small Costs

The netbook computers and mini laptops are designed around a very compact concept which ultimately makes them smaller and more lightweight. The really easy way of carrying such a light device makes them quit appealing for a larger number of people today. There are some important differences about them though.

The full size laptops under 100 are standard models from Dell, HP, IBM and other leaders in the computer industry. The mini laptops are going to provide a much smaller set of dimensions than any standard sized laptop computer will. For one thing you will find that the screen size is smaller than what you are likely used to. The keyboard is also smaller so the keys are slightly different. They are still much larger than the keys on a cell phone or other mobile PDA device. The mini laptops are basically a happy medium between the varying technologies in mobile computing.

The mini laptops under 100 really shine when it comes to getting online. Most of the mini laptops and netbooks have both Ethernet connections as well as 802.11 connections. These provide you with simple and fast access to the Internet over wired and wireless networks. This is the ultra portability which is what most users are looking for when they need a happy medium between the mobile computing devices.

The extras which are found on the full size models are typically not going to be built into the mini laptops. This helps keep the costs down and the size small. These extra features are things like DVD drives, FireWire ports and Multi Card slots. The nice thing is that many of these can be utilized via external devices and the multiple USB ports which are built into mini laptops. Keeping up with what you need is easy, and if portability and options are what you need then the minis may be able to supply this at a very small cost.

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