Search Files in Laptops Under 100 Running XP

November 6th, 2010

While it is always a good idea to know where specific files that you work on are located on your laptop computer, sometimes you wind up discovering that the file you need to access is not where you thought it should be.

Often you look in a few other places only to discover that the file is not there either. Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem.

If you are using one of the laptops under 100 running XP you can simply use the Windows XP Search feature [...] Continue Reading...

Simple Fix for Used Laptops Slow Boot up

September 6th, 2010

Slow start up times on laptop computers may be caused by old network drives that are no longer needed. Occasionally we have seen used laptops and customer laptops that would pass all tests and diagnostics yet still suffer from extremely slow boot ups. While in the beginning of the troubleshooting process there are common starting points that need to be looked at, the initial idea is to determine whether the likely cause of this is due to a hardware or a software problem.

There is one not very common [...] Continue Reading...

Integrated Components in Cheap Laptops Under 100 Reduce Space

August 1st, 2010

Designs will vary widely in the laptop computers just as they do in personal computers in general. Because laptops are portable the designs will mainly focus on integrated components to reduce space more often mainly because of size limitations. After all, the idea is to manufacture the most lightweight personal computers possible. The video capabilities are often integrated into the system board in the latest portable computers as well as many of the cheap laptops under 100 which are featured here. With boards having this capability, typically they are [...] Continue Reading...

Technologies in Cheap Laptops Under 100 Operating Systems

July 23rd, 2010

There are many common yet highly essential tasks which people perform on their laptop computers everyday. Luckily most of these activities require very minimal setup procedures, and some are simply ready to go right from the start. A good number of these essential capabilities are found right within the operating system itself. Because many of the laptops under 100 have operating systems such as Microsoft Windows for example, the programs and configurations are quite familiar to most users.

One example of a very common application is the email client. The [...] Continue Reading...

Cheap Laptops Under 100 Technology Evolution

July 1st, 2010

Over the years as there have been certain points in the evolution of laptop technology where the latest instances are representative of the significance of the advancement that is continuing to be improved upon for many years. This is in comparison to other technologies we have all experienced which have reached their peak within a smaller set of time only to be essentially replaced by something more than a mere improvement upon a long standing laptop technology. In other words not all technologies actually last as long as others [...] Continue Reading...