Search Files in Laptops Under 100 Running XP

While it is always a good idea to know where specific files that you work on are located on your laptop computer, sometimes you wind up discovering that the file you need to access is not where you thought it should be.

Search Files in XP

Often you look in a few other places only to discover that the file is not there either. Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem.

If you are using one of the laptops under 100 running XP you can simply use the Windows XP Search feature to find your files.

This is also a good way to locate any system files you may need to check (otherwise you would have to set your laptop to show these though since they are hidden by default).

To access this handy feature simply click on the Start button and choose Search.

If you then click on "All files and folders" you will be able to narrow down your search parameters accordingly. This will help your laptop search perform much quicker because you have reduced the amount of locations that the laptop will search thus saving time. The more details you can provide the better.

This information includes:

  • All or part of the file name
  • A word or phrase in the file
  • You can specify the specific drive to search (a huge time saver)
  • When the file was last modified
  • The size of the file

Additionally there are advanced search options which will allow you to take a peek at those hidden as well as system files. Use caution anytime you are working around these though.

Many of the cheap laptops under 100 run XP, and many people still prefer to use this operating system. The ease of use, familiarity and straight forward uncluttered laptop computing environment is simply a nice alternative to other operating systems. Hopefully this tip on how to search for files in XP comes in handy next time you need to locate a file on your laptop computer.

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