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Used Laptops and Operating System Lifespan

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

The operating system in a used laptop will provide the user with all of the original functionality which it initially offered, even after the support for the specific version of the operating system has ended. The actual lifespan of the OS (operating system) will depend on which one your used laptop actually has installed on it.

Take Microsoft Windows XP for example. This is an extremely popular OS and is found on a variety of used laptops under 100 dollars. However XP has been around for a long time now, initially released in 2001. Microsoft has a specified support life cycle which addresses each of their operating systems. For Windows XP the original support ended in April of 2009 however this does not mean that any computer running XP becomes unusable by any means. The actual usability of the computer remains the same as it would have initially yet the updates, hot fixes and Service Packs which had been released under the initial support wind down. This has been the case for the Microsoft operating systems of the past and similarly to newer ones as well.

Windows XP in its most common versions includes Home, Professional and Media Center Edition. The highest Service Pack was SP3. As for the cheap laptops which people look for can have any one of these versions of XP, it is always recommended that you update to the latest Service Pack which is free. This will include security patches as well as other functionality updates that will address compatibility with newer technologies and other hardware related aspects too.

While XP has been around for a long time now, many computer users still prefer it over the newer Microsoft operating systems. The main support may have ended yet the extended support for XP will be around until April of 2014. If you keep your used laptop protected with antivirus software, a firewall and antispyware program then you will definitely be addressing the most prolific potential issues with any computer which connects to the Internet. There are used laptops under $100 which can run Vista and even Windows 7 so these options make it easy to save big and still utilize the OS of your choice. As with any product, there is some form of a relevant life cycle and the same goes for laptops and the operating systems which they use.

Search Files in Laptops Under 100 Running XP

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

While it is always a good idea to know where specific files that you work on are located on your laptop computer, sometimes you wind up discovering that the file you need to access is not where you thought it should be.

Search Files in XP

Often you look in a few other places only to discover that the file is not there either. Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem.

If you are using one of the laptops under 100 running XP you can simply use the Windows XP Search feature to find your files.

This is also a good way to locate any system files you may need to check (otherwise you would have to set your laptop to show these though since they are hidden by default).

To access this handy feature simply click on the Start button and choose Search.

If you then click on "All files and folders" you will be able to narrow down your search parameters accordingly. This will help your laptop search perform much quicker because you have reduced the amount of locations that the laptop will search thus saving time. The more details you can provide the better.

This information includes:

  • All or part of the file name
  • A word or phrase in the file
  • You can specify the specific drive to search (a huge time saver)
  • When the file was last modified
  • The size of the file

Additionally there are advanced search options which will allow you to take a peek at those hidden as well as system files. Use caution anytime you are working around these though.

Many of the cheap laptops under 100 run XP, and many people still prefer to use this operating system. The ease of use, familiarity and straight forward uncluttered laptop computing environment is simply a nice alternative to other operating systems. Hopefully this tip on how to search for files in XP comes in handy next time you need to locate a file on your laptop computer.

Simple Fix for Used Laptops Slow Boot up

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Slow start up times on laptop computers may be caused by old network drives that are no longer needed. Occasionally we have seen used laptops and customer laptops that would pass all tests and diagnostics yet still suffer from extremely slow boot ups. While in the beginning of the troubleshooting process there are common starting points that need to be looked at, the initial idea is to determine whether the likely cause of this is due to a hardware or a software problem.

There is one not very common yet worthwhile thing to check before proceeding to any in depth diagnostics unless that is part of that particular procedure, which may be done anyway, and that is to take a look for any network drives which may be holding things up. Windows will try to connect to the network drive during the boot process and if it cannot make the connection, it is going to wait. The real problem with this is that Windows will continue to wait so that the entire process in basically stuck in this state.

When this is setup on a laptop computer there is an option to set it to reconnect at logon. Yet if you are sure that you do not need this, you may consider not choosing this, or in this example disconnecting. This will remove the need for the operating system on the used laptop to wait on a connection from another drive, which may not exist at all if you are not actually on the network.

  • Start
  • My Computer
  • Tools Menu
  • Disconnect Network Drive

When you know that the drive is unnecessary this can be a super easy fix to a really bothersome problem. We all like our cheap laptops under 100 to be as fast and responsive as any computer that we use. Although this is not a common issue, sometimes used laptops that have not had the operating system reinstalled fresh will have old configurations such as this that are simple to resolve.

Integrated Components in Cheap Laptops Under 100 Reduce Space

Sunday, August 1st, 2010
Cheap Laptops Under 100 Integrated

Designs will vary widely in the laptop computers just as they do in personal computers in general. Because laptops are portable the designs will mainly focus on integrated components to reduce space more often mainly because of size limitations. After all, the idea is to manufacture the most lightweight personal computers possible. The video capabilities are often integrated into the system board in the latest portable computers as well as many of the cheap laptops under 100 which are featured here. With boards having this capability, typically they are produced by companies such as Intel for example, the actual chipset is perfectly matched to the system not only design wise, but usage wise as well. The concept being in many cases that the system memory will be shared with the video needs of the computer during various tasks providing the ultimate in utilizing the system resources with one another.

Intel Chip

Obviously the design variations mean that some laptops are designed for the most common usage, thus providing the consumer with an opportunity to have a reliable, powerful laptop that is not overburdened with unnecessary features. In cases where there is actually a need to perform ultra high end computing tasks such as what video production businesses require, the much more powerful and expensive laptops will be required. For the everyday usage which is most commonplace today, the used laptops under 100 are often the right choice, especially when budgetary constraints are important for the consumer to remain within. There are other very common integrated capabilities found within the majority of laptops as well. One such example is the sound capabilities.

For anyone who is familiar with doing fairly simple upgrades to their computers, they may have added a PCI card or some such technology to their computer in the past. Obviously with laptop computers this is not the same because the sound card is actually part of the motherboard itself in most cases. As we used the Intel chipset as an earlier example, the same premise can hold true for the audio portion of the board. Even if you were to take 100 laptops randomly and look at who the manufacturer is, you will likely find that there is an Intel component in possibly the majority of them. This includes cheap laptops under 100 and they themselves are often examples of the used laptops which were not so long ago utilizing cutting edge technology. Yet as technology continues to evolve, design elements such as the aforementioned integrated capabilities have been an essential engineering approach to laptop computers since their conception and remain in the latest versions found today.

Technologies in Cheap Laptops Under 100 Operating Systems

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

There are many common yet highly essential tasks which people perform on their laptop computers everyday. Luckily most of these activities require very minimal setup procedures, and some are simply ready to go right from the start. A good number of these essential capabilities are found right within the operating system itself. Because many of the laptops under 100 have operating systems such as Microsoft Windows for example, the programs and configurations are quite familiar to most users.

One example of a very common application is the email client. The various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems have used the Outlook Express email client for many years now so there are a lot of people familiar with this particular software application. The programs itself requires fairly minimal configuration efforts on the part of the laptop user. The capabilities often work in the background and most users never even have to give a second thought to what is happening once the program has been setup to work with their particular email configurations.

Although people do not have to focus on what is happening behind the scenes, some of the technology which has been around for a very long time is still precisely what the applications make use of. For example anytime someone makes an attachment to an email they are sending, or receiving for that matter, then the underlying protocols are busy making this happen in an instant. One such instance is the MIME specification which handles many multimedia attachments. Keep in mind that the cheap laptops under 100 are using the same technologies which have evolved over many years to arrive at how these basic functions are still fundamental to the way that computers send email attachments to one another today.

All though this is just one example of the capabilities which come as part of the operating system on the cheap laptops under 100, the key point is that the most essential tasks are usually taking place behind the scenes with little to no effort required by the user. In the case of email then there is some basic configuration which needs to be done. Many other applications which reside in the operating system will actually require no setup from the user whatsoever they are simply ready to go.