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Small Cheap Netbooks Provide Ultra Portability

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

For many people looking for an extremely lightweight portable computer, the inexpensive netbooks are worth considering. It is a good idea to keep in mind that these little computers are going to be capable of doing a great job of all the low resource tasks that are most common among laptop users today. These tasks work great on the cheap netbooks under 100 dollars and are going to provide reliable and affordable solutions to checking email, web surfing and office productivity as well. The surprising thing is that they can be quite easy to get used to as far as the keyboard size goes.

Upon first look people usually think that since the keyboard is considerably smaller than say a 15 inch laptop that there may some concern over this. However the designs of the keys on the keyboard actually present the user with a feeling of familiarity that is transferred from already being familiar with using a laptop. The size of the hard drives in many of the cheaper netbooks from Acer or Asus for example are typically in the 160GB range which in all reality is the same size as many of the lower priced new laptops today. Additionally, models which run Windows Vista or Windows 7 Starter Edition will come with 1GB of system memory which works quite well for the basic computing tasks which the netbooks are designed for. Upgrading one of these netbooks is an option if there is a need for more multitasking or more resource intensive applications.

We have found that people are often rather surprised at how well netbook computers perform. Super speed is not what they were designed for if you need a cheap gaming laptop, but they can work well with basic games which do not require a lot of expensive hardware. Ultimately the portability is what is so appealing about netbook computers. Whether you use one of the mini 7 laptops or one of the 10.1 inch screen models under $150, these affordable netbooks can supply you with a super lightweight laptop that you can not only fit into ultra small places, but that are so light you can literally carry in the palm of your hand.

Under normal system power usage the battery charge life in netbooks is typically in the 3 to 4 hour range yet larger capacity (cells) are usually an option. It is easy to stay connected to the Internet while you are in nearly any environment which has a wireless signal available. Netbooks today can provide compatibility with 802.11 b/g/n in most cases. These make a great alternative to larger and heavier laptops under $100 so don’t let their small size be too much of a concern. If you need a way to enjoy a small portable computer considerably less expensive than new standard sized laptops then the netbooks may just be the right alternative.