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Cheap Netbooks Under 100 Setup Instructions

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Sometimes people will wonder where the instructions are when they get a laptop. When you have searched through all of the new as well as used laptops for sale under £100 and decided on one of the cheap netbooks, it can be pretty easy to get everything all setup. What usually happens with new and used models is that you follow some basic instructions which are either presented to you on the screen or sometimes via a small instruction manual. Many of the cheap netbooks under 100 will come with a very small pamphlet or sheet of paper which will have the first steps to take when you initially take the laptop out of the box for the first time. Gone are the days where you would purchase a new laptop and find a thick, multiple chapter instruction booklet in which you would find loads of highly granular information which pertained to the various aspects of the computer. Often this would simply be information overload anyway.

Today you should expect to find the relatively smaller pamphlet or sheet of paper which walks you though the very beginning after unpacking the new netbook. These steps typically include how to carefully remove the new mini laptop from its box. The next step will then explain how to properly insert the battery into the laptop. Each of these steps will normally have a corresponding graphic which will be helpful in fully understanding what you need to do. These are however the very basics, so they are not necessarily what you might consider to be challenging.

The next step will typically show you how to plug the power adapter into the unit. Actually most of the cheap netbooks under 100 are similar with one end going to the rear side of the unit and the other end going into the wall socket. Keep in mind that the plug on any laptop computer should be treated gently as it is somewhat delicate, and that this jack is a common area which needs to be repaired if improperly handled or misused. The next step usually tells you how to turn the netbook on and it should provide you a graphic to show you where exactly the on button is as well.

This is essentially all of the steps that there are in the most common "getting started" instruction pamphlets. Once the new netbook has powered on and booted up, then you will need to follow the onscreen instructions. These will walk you through the initial setup of your new mini laptop computer. It will cover important aspects of the process which will include setting up your network connections, WiFi instructions and configuring your antivirus and firewall programs. It will also cover basics such as naming your computer and other opportunities for you to personalize your new computer.

So have fun and do not be concerned if you open up your new netbook (or even a used laptop computer) and find that there is no huge owner’s manual to have to read through. Many used ones do not come with one, some do though, and the instructions presented on the screen are quick and easy to follow.