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Used Laptops often only require Basic Work

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

One common occurrence that we run into while working with used laptops is when the owner of the computer has owned it for several years but finds that it has gotten slow over time. They usually have good things to say about the laptop like how it has performed well for them since they have owned it. Yet when they use it they typically mention how it has just become too slow even during everyday basic laptop use. In some of these instances the owner will have several utilities installed on the laptop that keep the system clean, typically things like system tools and antivirus programs. However many times there will be too many of these types of programs installed and they will actually have a detrimental effect on the actual performance of the laptop. This is often why the owner just wants to get rid of their used laptop and upgrade to a newer one.

We have seen this time and again over the years yet we have also seen even more instances where there was an inadequate amount of effort put into installing the basics like a firewall and anti virus program. In these cases the used laptop has usually slowed down because of too much bloat and spyware on the system. Over the years used laptops can accumulate a huge amount of bloat from simple everyday usage and the installation (and often improper un-installation) of programs. This is normal and is the result of merely using a computer for exactly what it was intended to be used for in the first place. Yet since there has been an inadequate effort put forth to keeping it well maintained, the owner decides that it is time to upgrade to a new computer.

This is understandable really, and the fact is that a proper professional tune up can be somewhat expensive and wanting to trade-in or sell the used laptop is often a good decision for them. Many people do grow in their needs for more updated or more powerful specifications which new models can offer. Yet this also creates a great opportunity for buyers who are looking for working used laptops under 100 which simply need some cleaning up. Typically we spend time checking and testing the hardware on the laptops first when we acquire a used laptop. As for cleaning up the operating system, spyware or other software it is frequently not worth it. Formatting the hard drive and doing a proper clean installation of the operating system is the way to go in most situations.

It is necessary to install the operating system which was originally on the used laptop. This is easy enough to identify from within the system or by the sticker on the bottom of the laptop (on the majority of models). This is also where we will get the license key to install the operating system properly, and legally. As far as determining whether you have found a good deal or not, see our used laptop checklist which will help guide you through what the most important things are to look for on any make or model and especially on second hand laptops under £150. Knowing what to look at will increase your chances of getting a good cheap used laptop computer that hopefully only needs a clean install of the operating system, driver updates and basic security programs to get you up and running.

Cheap Netbooks Under 100 Setup Instructions

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Sometimes people will wonder where the instructions are when they get a laptop. When you have searched through all of the new as well as used laptops for sale under £100 and decided on one of the cheap netbooks, it can be pretty easy to get everything all setup. What usually happens with new and used models is that you follow some basic instructions which are either presented to you on the screen or sometimes via a small instruction manual. Many of the cheap netbooks under 100 will come with a very small pamphlet or sheet of paper which will have the first steps to take when you initially take the laptop out of the box for the first time. Gone are the days where you would purchase a new laptop and find a thick, multiple chapter instruction booklet in which you would find loads of highly granular information which pertained to the various aspects of the computer. Often this would simply be information overload anyway.

Today you should expect to find the relatively smaller pamphlet or sheet of paper which walks you though the very beginning after unpacking the new netbook. These steps typically include how to carefully remove the new mini laptop from its box. The next step will then explain how to properly insert the battery into the laptop. Each of these steps will normally have a corresponding graphic which will be helpful in fully understanding what you need to do. These are however the very basics, so they are not necessarily what you might consider to be challenging.

The next step will typically show you how to plug the power adapter into the unit. Actually most of the cheap netbooks under 100 are similar with one end going to the rear side of the unit and the other end going into the wall socket. Keep in mind that the plug on any laptop computer should be treated gently as it is somewhat delicate, and that this jack is a common area which needs to be repaired if improperly handled or misused. The next step usually tells you how to turn the netbook on and it should provide you a graphic to show you where exactly the on button is as well.

This is essentially all of the steps that there are in the most common "getting started" instruction pamphlets. Once the new netbook has powered on and booted up, then you will need to follow the onscreen instructions. These will walk you through the initial setup of your new mini laptop computer. It will cover important aspects of the process which will include setting up your network connections, WiFi instructions and configuring your antivirus and firewall programs. It will also cover basics such as naming your computer and other opportunities for you to personalize your new computer.

So have fun and do not be concerned if you open up your new netbook (or even a used laptop computer) and find that there is no huge owner’s manual to have to read through. Many used ones do not come with one, some do though, and the instructions presented on the screen are quick and easy to follow.

Used Laptops and Operating System Lifespan

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

The operating system in a used laptop will provide the user with all of the original functionality which it initially offered, even after the support for the specific version of the operating system has ended. The actual lifespan of the OS (operating system) will depend on which one your used laptop actually has installed on it.

Take Microsoft Windows XP for example. This is an extremely popular OS and is found on a variety of used laptops under 100 dollars. However XP has been around for a long time now, initially released in 2001. Microsoft has a specified support life cycle which addresses each of their operating systems. For Windows XP the original support ended in April of 2009 however this does not mean that any computer running XP becomes unusable by any means. The actual usability of the computer remains the same as it would have initially yet the updates, hot fixes and Service Packs which had been released under the initial support wind down. This has been the case for the Microsoft operating systems of the past and similarly to newer ones as well.

Windows XP in its most common versions includes Home, Professional and Media Center Edition. The highest Service Pack was SP3. As for the cheap laptops which people look for can have any one of these versions of XP, it is always recommended that you update to the latest Service Pack which is free. This will include security patches as well as other functionality updates that will address compatibility with newer technologies and other hardware related aspects too.

While XP has been around for a long time now, many computer users still prefer it over the newer Microsoft operating systems. The main support may have ended yet the extended support for XP will be around until April of 2014. If you keep your used laptop protected with antivirus software, a firewall and antispyware program then you will definitely be addressing the most prolific potential issues with any computer which connects to the Internet. There are used laptops under $100 which can run Vista and even Windows 7 so these options make it easy to save big and still utilize the OS of your choice. As with any product, there is some form of a relevant life cycle and the same goes for laptops and the operating systems which they use.

Selling Laptops under 100 for Newer Technology

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

For many of the laptops which have been developed over the years to provide reliable performance levels, they have surprised people by lasting as long as some of the have. If you were to ask a random selection of people about the projected lifespan of their laptop computer then they might say that it would not be all that long. The reality is that this has a great deal to do with how the computer is taken care of over time. Obviously a well taken care of used laptop will have a far greater chance of working far longer than one which was not so well taken care of.

Laptops Under 100

When the more popular laptop models have been around for a while, people seem to get used to them, yet the really good ones are thought to be well worth keeping longer than what some folks normally would do. However there are quite a few computer users who will actually trade off or simply sell their used laptops because they want to have the latest models which have been released. The reasoning behind this can be traced back to not the performance of the laptop, but the fact that the person just has an intrinsic need to have the absolute most cutting edge technology which has been released.

For the people who fit this bill, they are often in quite a hurry to acquire the newest features that are available in notebook computers no matter what the cost. Often the price tags for these are surprisingly high compared to what more modest examples will fetch. When a person like this needs to get their hands on the latest machines they are usually going to trade or sell the old laptop. Sometimes if the computer really is a bit older, then they might be sold as used laptops under 100 dollars from the original owner who simply wants a fast sale. Some of the really great buys have been had based on scenarios such as this. Although the used laptops were actually worth a whole lot more than simply $100 in the end, at least everyone seems to wind up happy with the transaction and that is all that really matters when it is all said and done.

Matching Used Laptops to their Power Sources

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Since laptops are able to be powered off of batteries it only makes sense that you should always try to keep yours charged. In the event that the charge drains all the way you may have to get it into the charger and keep it there for quite a while in order to regain the full charge. In the past some batteries performed poorly after this process, but these days most laptop batteries are able to recover quite nicely. This is basically a representation of how technology has improved over the years.

In the unfortunate event that there is a battery issue with your laptop then you may want to check into buying another one simply as a spare. This is a common practice among laptop users who need to essentially have a backup power source. These users may spend extensive amounts of time away from any normal power source and therefore the battery becomes extremely important. Otherwise there are no other alternatives to power your laptop. Depending on where you are and how important the use of the computer is will tend to exemplify the importance of having a backup solution.

Some people will buy used laptop batteries in an effort to save on expenses. Just like buying refurbished laptops offers many benefits, so to does this approach for batteries. Not unlike any situation where you are buying a used item, you should be familiar with some of the more pertinent specifics involved. If you are certain that your used laptop will take the exact model number of the battery then you should not have any issues with the fit. Model numbers are usually clearly marked and therefore offer an easy reference point. This type of proactive maintenance has the ability to save you a whole lot of headaches if anything like this ever happens to you.