Used Laptops Buying Guide to RAM

We have put together this handy guide to buying used laptops in the $100 price range and the RAM technology as well as terminology which they quite often use. These laptops are generally a few years older so they are not cutting edge however they are great for people who do not want to spend too much on quality working laptops in the $100 or £100 price ranges in your location.

Used Laptops Guide RAM

Memory Bandwidth is represented by the prefix "PC" in both newer and slightly older laptops. For example you may see the terms PC2100, PC2700 or PC3200. This is simply a way for people to be able to tell what the amount of data is capable of being passed when using one of these various memory technologies. Bandwidth is the actual term used for this data passage.

Let’s take PC2700 for example. Some slightly older laptops may use this technology. Usually the main system board will support various levels of bandwidth in their given memory slots but this is bound by the other term which applies to RAM and that is the actual speed. This terminology is represented by a number such as 333MHz and represents the speed of the RAM.

In these examples the actual technology is referring to DDR and would be referred to in this example as DDR 333 which is ultimately the same thing as PC2700. Although this technology is several years old it is still quite fast especially for doing everyday popular computing tasks including multimedia as well as advanced multi-tasking.

DDR stands for Double Data Rate which means that it is able to pass twice as much data in the same amount of time (bandwidth) as the technology used before it was introduced. In this example the memory is capable of moving (rounded up) 2.7GBps which is Giga Bytes per second. This is why you would see the memory being represented as PC2700 which should make things a bit clearer for you.

In slightly older used laptops the memory technology was referred to as PC133 and PC100 which use the equivalent of single speed versus DDR. These are going to be less powerful laptops but still capable of providing reliable computing in the most common everyday tasks such as email, office documents, business applications and surfing the Internet.

The main point is that although not all of the laptops under 100 will have the same specifications they still make excellent bargains when you compare them to newer and much more expensive models. The information in this short used laptop buying guide which refers to RAM should give you a bit better of an idea of what some of the specifications on these used laptops are hopefully without getting too technical.